Salted Caramel 520ml. Get-A-Whey.

High in Protein • Real Ingredients • No Added Sugar • Keto Friendly. Opposites do attract, especially when the sweetness of caramel is combined with a dash of salt. It is a rich, smooth ice cream with bits of cashew praline swirled in it.

**Get-A-Whey creates Protein-based Ice creams with sugar alternative. **

It is outrageously healthy yet tasty.

It doesn’t contain any added sugar and is made with real ingredients. Get-A-Whey uses Erythritol, an organic sweetener with zero calories and sugars, usually found in melons and grapes. Touted to be tastier than other regular ice creams out there, Get-A-Whey makes healthy ice creams from whey protein with no added sugar.

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